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Established in 1988, the Northern College of Acupuncture is a registered educational charity. We offer a BSc and MSc in Acupuncture and an MSc in Nutritional Therapy. Each of these is a complete training equipping you to become a confident and competent practitioner with the skills you need to run your own practice. On the BSc in Acupuncture applicants who do not already have a degree are usually eligible for student loans. On both of the acupuncture courses, healthcare practitioners with a degree are eligible for reductions in attendance and fees. For practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine we offer an MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine and an online-only MSc in Advanced Oriental Medicine. For other practitioners of complementary medicine we offer an online-only MSc in Advanced Complementary Medicine.

All these courses are validated by Middlesex University, an assurance of quality which leads to successful students being awarded a Middlesex University degree. We differ from a University in being a small College where you are known as an individual, and we support you all the way.

All of our courses leading to a practitioner qualification are accredited by the appropriate professional body.

Our graduates enthuse about their inspiring and rewarding lives as practitioners. They talk about how much they learnt here, acquiring new ways of seeing health and disease, and the privilege of helping their patients with clinically effective approaches to restoring health and well-being.

We are committed to educating our students to the highest standards of practice, combining tradition with modern evidence.  To find out more, get in touch or pay us a visit.

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Gaynor Grozier - student

Gaynor Grozier
The College is a fantastic place to learn, develop and grow on an academic and personal level; the tutors are fantastic and pivotal to the College’s success. The points, needling, pulse and tongue diagnosis teaching are second to none.

Yonnie Kwok Pickles - graduate

Yonnie Kwok Pickles
Being a smaller College, the level of personal support and communication is greater than what you would otherwise get. You can be more at ease in this environment which makes learning a lot more enjoyable and encouraged. The tutors and supervisors are very friendly and knowledgeable in what they teach, and very generous in sharing their clinical experience with us.

Bryony Griffiths - student

Bryony Griffiths
I am very grateful to the NCA for giving me the chance to continue in my TCM journey – everyone has been very supportive and understanding. I love the College’s relaxed “way” and I would choose the NCA above any other.

Elaine Hildrick - graduate

Elaine Hildrick
I absolutely loved my third year in clinic. It has been an excellent opportunity to bring together all the theoretical and practical skills I have learned, while further developing my existing knowledge.

Monika Niemczynowicz - Student

Monika Niemczynowicz
The first year of studies was a most fascinating and humbling learning curve. I entirely enjoyed the points classes, as they were taught with precision, passion, and many an anecdote that made the learning all the more pleasurable.

Ian Fitzpatrick- student

Ian Fitzpatrick
Bodywork has been fantastic! It has also been really useful to learn routines and some Qi Gong.